Thursday, November 30, 2006

Help Rename Gomer

Yo. Opie here again. I've decided that Gomer needs a new name cuz of his experience getting stuck in the muck. DogMom said you all could help me choose his new name.

But, I just can't seem to pick one. What do you think his new name should be? Can you think of a new name that we should consider?

Maybe MuckyDog or MuckyMutt.
I, dogonally, like Muckluck or YuckyStuckyMucky.
Dogmom, personally, likes Happy-Go-Mucky.
Auntie Dawn and Ginger suggested DirtyLittleMucker.

Too many good names... can you help me decide?
Wuf Ya - Opie


Anonymous said...

"Buddy" in Shakopee thinks you should call him MudFlap!

Anonymous said...

Flippity Flap

Anonymous said...

Yuma and Bailey in Shakopee thinks you should call him Mudcakes

Hudson said...

I think you guys aren't giving poor Gomer enough credit. His new name should be The MuckMaster!

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

I yike it, Hudson! - Opie

Anonymous said...

Ogomer bin mudden

PerfectTosca said...

The Muckster!

Holy Cow! I am just catching up and didn't know The Muckster disappeared! Gomey, you cut that crap out right now!

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Hiya Tos! Welcome back. I was just trying to find ya, that's all. I missted you!

Wuf Gomer!

PerfectTosca said...

Well Gomey running off in the wrong direction and sinking into muck isn't going to help man You gotta stop this stuff or you gonna give yer dog mom a coronary and you might be stuck with a nutball mom like mine!