Friday, December 01, 2006

DogMom's Short Memory

Hi. It's me, Gomer! Good thing for me that dogmom has a really short memory. It's like she forgot that I got stuck in the muck the other night. I'm out of jail. I've had my bath. I've been checked out for injuries and none were found. (Except for the pride that was bruised since I couldn't get myownself out.)

Opie's perturbed that I'm free again. (Snicker)

Anyway, all seems to be forgiven.

Well, except that I have this newer, heavier, tighter collar on now. And, I have to use the leash instead of getting to use the wireless fence collar or the tie-out stake. And, it seems like Opie gets to wander farther away from her than I do. And, if there is a squirrel or a rabbit outside, I have to wait until they can't be seen before I can go pee.

Other than that, all seems to be forgiven and life is pretty much back to normal.

Wuf Ya!

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