Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We're SO Big!

This post was prompted by "tiny" Tosca's dogmom's claim that she "ain't lifting me [Tosca] without a crane" and that Tosca weighs "a whole lot more than a big bag of rock salt."

Ahem. Tosca - you're nothing more than a petite, svelte lady collie.

Dogmom did the measurement thing on us last night (after some squriming and running away and generally wreaking havoc, which we're best at). Here's what she found:

I, Gomer, am 39" long from my black nose to the white tip on my tail. My tail, if she holds it straight, is 11" long. But usually it is shorter cuz it curls up over my back like a beagle tail. I'm 22" tall and I weigh 52.1 pounds.

Opie's measurements make him seem like he's about the same size as me, but really he's a lot smaller, albeit taller.

Opie is also 39" long from his black nose to the white tip on his tail. But, like I told ya before, he's got that whip for a tail. He's like 40% tail, in fact! His tail is a whopping 16" long. That's 5" longer than mine! So what if he's an inch taller, if we docked his tail, he'd be a lot smaller than me. He weighs about the same - 52.5 pounds.

Oh, and Tosca, you're snout isn't really that big. Mine from my ears to my nose is only 7 inches, but Opie's is 9.5 inches... and he's not even a collie!

Wuf Ya!


PerfectTosca said...

Well now you did it. You mad Mom's coffee come out of her nose from laughing! The laptop screen doesn't look too good either.

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Oh, Tosca! We're hoping you did the totally PerfectDog thing and helped your mom clean up her face and her laptop screen with that perfect collie 10" tongue of yours!

Hudson said...

Just great, you guys. Now my mom had to go and bust out the measuring tape on me! She says to tell you that I am 34 inches from tip of nose to base of tail (impossible to measure my curly tail, ha ha!). My head is 8 inches long. I'm 21.5 inches tall at the "withers" whatever those are. And I weigh 36 pounds. She says I'm tall and skinny! That better be a compliment.

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Hi Hudson - welcome to the measured-dogs club. You look much bigger in your pictures... Tall and skinny IS a compliment! Like a model, you are!