Tuesday, December 19, 2006

DogMom at Home All Day!

Ok... so we're conflicted again.

We love it when dogmom stays home with us all day and doesn't go to that place where she disappears to and wears the clothes we're not allowed to jump on. Seems like every few days or so, she stays home and gets out the big green monster and puts all our stuff and her stuff into that machine that goes round and round.

But, this time was different. Dogmom stayed home and the first daylight she was normal and did all those things she usually does. But the second and third day, she was different. She just laid around and slept all day. Except when she took us outside and expected us to do our business without walking and without smelling everything. Goofy human.

But then she'd go back to bed again. Sometimes she'd get up and hug the dogbowl in the bathroom that for some odd reason she keeps the lid on. Guess that one's hers and she doesn't want to share it. Must be some really good water in that one, huh? With her wanting to hug it like that?

Wuf Ya!


Hudson said...

Oh no, guys! Hate to tell you this, but your dogmom might not be feeling too good. Don't feel bad for not knowing, but just be really super-nice to her while she's home with you guys. From what I heard, humans only do that with the covered water bowl when they are sick! Weird, right? Anyway, be nice to her, and I hope she feels better soon!

PerfectTosca said...

Yeah guys. What Hudson said. This is not a fun thing for humans. They aren't as resiliant as we are ya know. Kind of weak that way. So stay out of trouble and don't make any work for her, that's the best thing to do. And stay out of the way when she's heading for that bowl! We are hoping she's way better today so that you guys can have fun again.