Thursday, December 07, 2006

Can We Keep It?

Opie's still on the mend and it's waaaaaaayyyyy too cold to go outside -- it's 2 degrees and -12 with the wind chill factored in. So, we probably won't escape and get into any more trouble this week. (Frankly, at this point, I'm not 100% sure that dogmom would come after us again.)

So, we thought we'd post something about somebody else for a change.

You know, we have lots of dogcousins and people cousins living in Ohio. One of them is Bailey, an almost white golden retriever that is a couple of years older than us. I like going to Bailey's house out in the country cuz we can run around the field and go into the woods and generally just be dogs while dogmom visits with the humans. Opie and Bailey got into a spat last time we were there, but it was cuz Opie didn't want to listen to Bailey when he told him to stop being a brat.

Anyways, Bailey owns dogmom's godchild, Ryan, and his sister Addy. We got this picture in the mail this week of them outside last summer. Addy wanted to keep it as a pet, but for some reason her humom and hudad wouldn't let her. Crazy humans!

Wuf Ya!

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