Monday, November 20, 2006

Clash of the Dog People - II

So, I told you about dogmom's experience on Saturday with adoption day for the Carver-Scott Humane Society. So many dogs and cats and other pets... so little room. Anyways, the reason for the title of this posting is because after going to the adoption day at Petco, dogmom went to see our dogfriend Gladys strut her stuff on the runway.

See, our dogfriend Gladys owns my bestest dog-walker girlfriend Jennifer who owns The Pet Crew in Plymouth. Jennifer used to come to our house to walk Opie and me before we moved to Chaska and Randi started coming. But once again I'm veering away from my story. Well, sort of.

See, our dogfriend Gladys is a beautiful specimen of a bull terrier. Everybody knows what bull terriers are, right? They're the "Target dog." But Gladys is prettier than the Target dog, cuz she has some color on her besides the red circles around her eyes. (Which my dogmom says aren't really dog colors.) Anyway, Gladys was in the All Breed Dog Show out at Canterbury that was held by the Minneapolis Kennel Club.

Is that a clash of activities, or what? One minute trying to find homes for strays and rescues and mixed breeds... and the next minute watching dogs try to prove they're the best manifestation of their particular dogginess.

Anyway, Gladys was one-upped (ok, two-upped) by the male dogs in her breed and came in third. But, she did win a ribbon for "best opposite sex." Opie and me think that was a no-brainer, even for humans. She's the best girl-dog that WE know! Even if Opie gets snippy with her when he's tired. He doesn't mean it; he's just immature some times.

Anyways, we're trying to get Gladys's dogmom and our dogmom to share some pictures of our beauty pageant queen so you can see that Opie and me, even though we're mutts (ahem, designer dogs), know some pretty high-falutin' dogs and their humans. Like Gladys, the bull-terrier-beauty-pageant-queen ... and Wigglebutt Seven of Nine, the mini-Aussie-2006-Skyhoundz-Champion ... and even Tosca, the Perfect-Collie-blogger-pal! (Um... I guess there are THREE best girl-dogs that WE know!)

Wuf Ya!


Anonymous said...

I have some bully friends too. Scuba, he's a dog blogger fom Singapore, Onion - she's in a movie with
Ewan McGregor and she has a blog and then pretty Lalbert, she has a blog too.

Bussie Kissies

DogMom at DogsAyeView said...

Cool, Buster! Gladys is the only bully we know... well, we used to know her other dog Ernie, but he went over the rainbow bridge when Gladys was just a pup. We miss him; he was very handsome and all white -- like the Target Dog!
Wuf Ya!
Gomie and Oper

Anonymous said...

Great blog by the way! Loved your Clash of the Dog People! Barb