Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Friday!

We love Fridays!

Of course, being dogs, we love every day... but especially Fridays.

Lots of good things happen on Fridays.
Well, lots of good things happen every day... but especially Fridays.

Of course, being dogs, we don't really know what Fridays are, but we love 'em anyways.

Randi comes and takes us for a walk while dogmom's at work.

When dogmom comes home from work, we get an especially long walk.

And then we get to help her take her clothes out of the baskets and run around the house with them to save them from that noisy machine that makes them all wet and the other hot one that makes them dry again and in the process they don't smell like us or dogmom very much anymore. Sometimes she pretends to be upset with us when we drag her clothes around the house. She only really gets upset when Opie and me try to use them as tug toys.

We love Fridays!
Wuf Ya!


Anonymous said...

hey gomer,

i hope that's your name coz i got a little confuse coz i can't seem able to find your name anywhere! :-)

i love friday too - it's the day prior to all the excitement like me visiting my playmate, mom take me out for a walk, waking the hooman up real early even though i know they don't need to!

wet wet licks


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Gomer,

Welcome to - we hope you have lots of fun here and make lots of new friends :-)


Gomer said...

Thanks, Opy & Boo! We're glad you found our blog and hope you check back often. We've got lots of stories to tell, Opie and me. DogMom says it's never boring at our house... even though we don't always agree with her.
Wuf Ya! - Gomer