Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Tails Required"

So, y'all know that dogmom works for a newspaper company, right? Yup. Something called Southwest Newspapers that publishes a group of community weekly newspapers in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis. There are seven of them... well, really, there are 10 of them because Southwest Saturday is really three different papers, although Southwest Saturday isn't news you need to know... it's news that's fun to know.

Anyway, I'm tellin' y'all this because Opie and me are famous now (again). We were in Southwest Saturday this weekend. Our buddy, Hercules, is pictured on the front page, but there's a story about us and our party that Hercules attended. And dogmom wrote a couple other fun features, too.

Anyway, the story is all about our big party at Top Dog Country Club. It was all about us! We got to play and run around with Izzy and Hercules. The humans tried to get us to bob for apples and swim, but we didn't do that too much, although Gomer got his feet wet. We got to eat cake! Wuf Ya!

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