Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Randi's Coming! Randi's Coming!

DogMom said that Randi's coming today. We can't wait.

Well, we really can wait and we will by running upstairs and sleeping on dogmom's bed until we hear the garage door open. THEN, we can't wait.

Well, we really can wait and we will until Randi gets our harnesses and leashes on us and then we'll run around in circles and try to drag her out the door.

Anyway... it's chilly outside, since we live in Minnesota and it's November and all. But it's warmer than it's supposed to be or something. Anyway, Opie's cold all the time. I think he thinks he's a miniature daschund or something and he needs to wear a coat. Goofball. Next time, remind me that I should bring home a real dog for dogmom instead of a goofball.

He actually wants to and likes to wear clothes! See what I have to deal with? See? He's wearing the t-shirt that dogmom bought him at the Jordan Valley Bike Tour. He even has his eyes closed so he can't see me makin' fun of him. I don't wear my shirt. I'm a real dog.

Can't wait to see how Randi makes fun of him with his shirt on.

Wuf Ya!


Anonymous said...

Poor Opie! I can't believe he likes to wear clothes! He must be deluded...

Opie said...

Whoa, Cubby! Welcome to Gomer and my blog! We're glad you found us. We were checkin' out your blog a minute ago and think you and me (Opie) are related. Well, I'm not a boxer or anything... but we both wear clothes AND we both make crap circles! Wuf Ya!