Thursday, November 02, 2006

Opie & Onions

Ok. So the dopey Opie has been vying for extra attention ever since my whole mouth ordeal began a couple of weeks ago. He thinks it's all about him... and I let him think that, even though everybody knows that I'm dogmom's favorite beagle-boy.

So, while I was locked in jail with the funny mask on (until I chewed through the strap so it can't be tied on anymore), Opie was left to his own devices and had to entertain himself during the day instead of having me chase him around in circles and up and down the stairs. When Opie's left to his own imagination... weirdness ensues.

So, what does he do?

Sleep all day? Nope.

Raid the chew-bone basket? Nope.

Empty the toy basket? Nope.

Dump out all the garbage? Nope.

Pull the blankets off the bed? Nope.

Unstuff the dog beds? Nope.

He pulls the basket of onions and potatoes off the kitchen shelf and takes a big bite out of one of the onions. Yup. And we thought he had bad breath before! Dopey Opie Onion Breath!

I always knew he wasn't a normal dog; now DogMom knows it, too.

Wuf Ya!


PerfectTosca said...

well that was pretty dumb. I mean he coulda ate anything. Anyways, onions is bad for dogs so tell Opie not to eat them anymore.

Me, I would have gone straight to the treat bin. What an opportunity! I mean it's worth it even when the humans yell when they catch you. Just don't burp when that happens, it makes em even madder. I should know.

Gomer said...

See Tos, what I have to live with? You're just a puppy still and YOU know not to eat onions. Dopey Opie sure does earn his name sometimes, doesn't he? Doggod help me!