Monday, November 20, 2006

Clash of the Dog People

So DogMom seemed even more humanly confused than normal this weekend. She said her dog worlds were colliding or something. As usual, Opie and I just don't get what she's talkin' about. Dog worlds are so totally simple and make total sense. It's the humans that mess things up.

So, she left on Saturday and said she was going to go take some pictures at the Carver-Scott Humane Society's adoption day. We just don't get it cuz she adopted Opie and me a long time ago; or, maybe it was yesterday but I don't think so cuz it seems like a long time ago. Ya know, we just don't define time the same way that humans do.

Anyway, she came home smelling like she had all kinds of fun. There were dog smells and human smells and cat smells and I think, but I'm not sure because I never actually met one, but I think I even smelled a ferret.

She said there were some really happy stories. That three of the four pets featured in the Pet Bragger section of the newspaper that were available for adoption actually have adoptions pending! Yea! Clyde and Smokey and Tripper just might have found their forever homes! Isn't that terrific?

And, Josey came in for a visit at adoption day. She was found abandoned in a garage when her people moved away and left her there. Can you believe it? Just left her there in the garage to starve to death. She weighed only 26 pounds when the good people at CSHS found her. Can you believe that a chocolate lab could only weigh 26 pounds? It was really really sad.

Anyway, Josey found her forever home with a nice couple who also have a jack russel terrier. She attached to her male human and he treats her like a queen, which she deserves after what she went through. And, she doesn't weigh 26 pounds anymore. See how healthy and beautiful she is!
It really doesn't take much, does it?

So, if you think you could help bring some joy to one of the dogs or cats that don't have a home, could you maybe, please, contact your local animal shelter and see how you could help?

We'd all be eternally grateful. Opie and me would bring them all home to live with us, but dogmom says we can't cuz we're renting. So, can you help?

Wuf Ya!
Oops... I got sidetracked... we'll talk about the clash of the dog worlds tomorrow in Part 2...

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