Thursday, September 07, 2006


Whew! We were especially exhausted when we got home from Dog Pad this time. Pretty much we need about four hours of sleep after we get home for every day we stayed there. Since we were there five days, we'll be back to our usual selves sometime this afternoon, given that mom picked us up Tuesday afternoon.

It was so much fun! Aubrey is great! She played with us and fed us and took care of us so that Tory could go hunting with Mike and her dogs. Opie played hide and seek with Aubrey... well, it was more seek than hide... since he's not real good at hiding, but he's really really good at making people look for him.

I really like Aubrey... which, as you know, is saying something because most people scare the bejeebees out of me until I've been around them for a long time. But I was really happy, too, when Tory came back. Dog Pad is my favorite place besides home.

Mom said she'd put up some pictures as soon as she gets them out of the little box she points at us that makes a light flash. Don't know why they get stuck in there...

Wuf ya!

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