Thursday, September 14, 2006

Snakes on a Rug

Come on, Opie! Get it! Get it!
No, run away! Run away!

Sneak up on it and grab it in your teeth and shake it!
Let me show you how... like this! Kill it! Shake it! Kill it!
No, run away! Run away and hide from it!

Toss it in the air and run after it!
No, run away!

Take it to DogMom and let her toss it in the air so you can catch it.

Hmmm... now THAT looks like fun! Can I play now?

Sure you can! Mom got us new toys! She calls them snakes. They are long and skinny tubes and have two little round eyes and a red tongue... Well, anyway, they did when she first pulled them out of the bag.

Now, they don't have any eyes or any tongues... but they are still just as much fun!

Wuf Ya!

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