Thursday, September 21, 2006

Got Out of Jail Free (?)

Whew! Thanks, everybody, for emailing DogMom and posting comments about our jail experience. It must have worked, cuz mom let us out last night when she came home and everything seems to be back to normal now. Well, sort of. Opie and me sure aren't going to have any fun for a couple of days. At least I'm not! I don't want to go back to jail again.

Hey, Tosca! We're glad we metcha. Sounds like your dogmom and ours think a lot alike. She calls our jail crate our "room" too. It seems to be a multi-purpose room to me. When we're being good and doing our tricks, sometimes she tells us to go in our room and then lets us come right back out. When company comes, we usually have to go to our room and can't jump on them, at least at first we can't. When she's cleaning with the big green monster, sometimes I go in just cuz I feel safer there. (For some reason, she never goes inside with the big green monster.) And, of course, when we're in trouble, we have to go in.

Anyway, I like it in there. Opie not so much. I think he was spoiled before he came to live with us and had his own room. He doesn't like to be in there with me. If he's in by himself, he seems to like it. But he doesn't relax when he's in there with me. What a dope.

Anyway, hope we don't have to go back to jail for a while. It's more fun to lay around on the furniture!

Wuf Ya!

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