Friday, September 22, 2006

New Trial; Same Outcome

Well... that "Opie and me sure aren't going to have any fun for a couple of days" statement didn't stick in Dopey Opie's head very well. He's back in jail today for pulling another treat jug off the shelf, gnawing it open and eating all the treats inside. He only let me have a couple. That's okay with me, cuz I saw the box when mom brought them in and they were the low-fat, diet cookies -- not the really good cookies.

Anyway, mom saw the jar when she came in and just gave us "the look." You know the one... the one that makes you feel guilty even if you didn't do anything bad yet. Yeah, that one. Then she said she'd be able to tell who was guilty even though we weren't talkin.

I don't know how she figured out it was Opie. But she did. She kept calling him "Poopy Oopie" on our walk in the rain. He did seem to poop a lot. I think he stopped five times. He really has to get more organized about that.

Anyway, I get to lay on the floor and the couch today, but Opie's back in jail. At least until Randi comes, mom said. I hope so. It's boring around here when he's in jail.

Wuf ya!

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