Monday, September 18, 2006

Yea! It's Rest Day!

Whew! DogMom got up and did that routine... you know the one... where she gets dressed up in clothes we aren't allowed to jump on. We're really glad about that today. Cuz it means she'll be gone for a while wherever it is she goes during the day on these days.

See, it was an exhausting weekend. We walked and walked and walked. And mom, she kept getting out the big green monster and then moving furniture around. (That makes Opie really nervous!) And then she got out the other big noisy monster and made the carpets all wet. And then we went for another walk and then she put the furniture back, but not where it was before. (And that makes Opie really really nervous!)

Anyway, the house smells funny now. Doesn't smell like Opie and me anymore. So, we're glad that mom is taking the day off from playing with us so we can lay around everywhere and get our smells back in the carpet!

Not to mention the fact that all those walks and dodging the big green monster are totally exhausting!

(If you don't know what the "big green monster" is, check out the posting from August 15, 2006.)
Wuf ya!

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