Monday, September 25, 2006

Company! We Got Company!

We were soooooo excited on Sunday! DogMom said that we were gonna get COMPANY! It always gets us so excited.

Well, it didn't ALWAYS get us excited. It used to scare the beejeebees out of me. Anybody new that came might be somebody that would kick me and beat me with the broom and spray me with the hose and worse. I'm more than six years old now (according to mom) and it's taken me almost all that time to realize that most of the people that mom knows LIKE dogs and especially like me... oh, yeah, and Opie, too. Nobody has hit me for more than six years, since I came to live with mom and Keiko before that.

Anyways, back to the story. Two of our bestest dogmom friends came to visit us yesterday. Anne - who belonged to Sasha Girl, and Lara - who belonged to Edgar. Sasha was the granddog at the apartments in Plymouth. She was the best. She kept everyone in line, but mostly liked to walk and play like us. Sasha took the walk over the rainbow bridge about a year and a half ago. We really, really miss her and wish Anne would get another dog.

Lara also came to visit. We haven't seen Lara in a long long time. DogMom said she moved to St. Cloud. I always look up at the clouds when we're walking, but I never see Lara there. I wonder if mom knows what she's talking about sometimes. Anyway, Lara and Lia and Larson got married and live in St. Cloud with Mark and his two girls. Edgar isn't there anymore, but I smelled Roscoe on Lara.

Anyways. Lara and Anne and Mom went somewhere yesterday. And when they came home, Lara looked a little different. I think they went to get her those wings and horns and flowers. I don't know why, but they did. Isn't she silly?

Wuf Ya!

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