Friday, September 15, 2006

High on Treats


We noticed that DogMom's been a little stingy handing out the "special treats" and biscuits lately. I think she gets busy and forgets sometimes. Opie's usually pretty good at staring at her and making her remember eventually. He sits in front of the treat shelf and looks up. If she doesn't notice him for a while, he starts talking again.

Anyway, while she was away yesterday, we decided to just help ourselves. See, Opie's a really good jumper. It didn't really deter us that the treats were up high on top of the shelf that's as tall as the cold-storage thing that holds most of the people food.

He had to jump a few times, but eventually, he hit the shelf just right and the treat jar came bumbling down. It bounced a couple of times, but was heavy since it was full.

Then, it took us a while to gnaw off the lid. It was one of those tricky ones that is easy for humans but really hard for dogs cuz we can't grab and turn something with our paws. But, man, once we got the lid off it was pure, heavenly gluttony. Our tummies were really full.

We left two treats in the jar so DogMom could give them to us when she got home. Funny, she didn't seem overly impressed by that. Something about eating a whole gallon and thinking we should get MORE.

Wuf ya!

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