Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bacon! It's Bacon!

DogMom always chuckles when the big grey box that talks in the cabinet in the living room shows the goofy dog and all he says is "Bacon! It's Bacon!" Well, she was laughing out loud last night.

See, when she went with Lara and Anne to wherever they went the other day - you know, when Lara grew wings and horns and flowers on her head - she said she bought us some special treats, but we thought she forgot cuz we never saw 'em.

Anyway, she opened up the bag last night and let us smell them. Hmmm... it was a really good smell... but I couldn't quite place it. Opie just wrinkled his forehead and turned his head sideways. We kept lookin' at each other and tryin' to figure it out. Then, it hit me...

Bacon! It's Bacon!

We went crazy running around in circles and tryin' to jump up and get one of these new bacon cookies. DogMom was just laughing hysterically and couldn't remember how to give us one. But then, she did. Boy, were they YUMMY!

Wuf Ya!

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