Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Aaaahhhh... we're really living the dog's life. I was remembering the other day about a time when...

Yo! Opie here. I'm really sick and tired of the way that Gomer seems to always tell stories. Just cuz he can type. I'm the one who can talk! So, now it's my turn!

I was dreaming last night about, um, about... well, um, I'm not sure what I was dreaming about. I can't remember. But I remember that I was dreaming. Well, actually, I don't remember. But DogMom said I was dreaming last night, so I must have been.

And, I felt really funny this morning when I woke up... like something happened, but I didn't know what. DogMom said she couldn't wake me up. I was yelping and running in my sleep. And then I cried a long time a really sad cry. And then I was running again. She said it lasted a really long time. I don't remember it.

I just remember waking up and feeling kind of insecure about everything. DogMom kept asking if I was okay and she gave me big hugs and let me be a cuddle-bug. It made me feel a lot better. Mom says I'm just a freakazoid and sometimes I need some reassurance. I don't know what that means, but as long as she lets me be a cuddle-bug and makes me feel better, she can say whatever she wants.

Wuf Ya!

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