Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Weekend of Dog Events! -- UPDATED!

Ok. So, really there were two. But we don't usually get to go to two in the same day! We were sooooo excited AND we were really good boys! Can you believe it?

Dogmom couldn't...

Anyways... we went to the first event first on Sunday. FUREVER FUN DAY! It was at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington. That's where Dr. Kate is. You remember Dr. Kate... she's the one that fixed our teeth -- especially when Gomer had all that trouble with his? (She's also the one that just had to help Spidey over the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago... :( )

Anyways. It was fun.

First, we noticed Lisa from Top Dog Country Club. She was sitting out in the cold at her booth. But she recognized DogMom and then realized that she hadn't met us in dog before. Lisa gave us hugs... but more importantly, Lisa gave us TREATS! We liked her. You remember Top Dog, right? That's where we had our adoption day party last year that dogmom wrote about in the newspaper.

Then, we saw the guy at the Science Diet booth. And, know what? He gave us TREATS! We liked him, too.

Then, we waited while dogmom looked at some handmade jewelry. They had some doggie collar charms, but we told dogmom they were a little too fancy for our dogblood. We tried to knock over the display, but they had them tied really good, so that they just swayed back and forth...

Then, we went and visited Wendy at Fresh Air Training. And, know what? She gave us TREATS! But, she made us sit first and dogmom made us say our prayers.

Then, dogmom talked to somebody who turned out to be a veterinary student... and she asked us if we wanted to take a bath. By this time, we had gotten so many treats that we didn't care what she wanted us to do... so we got a bath from the vet students. They were giving half the money to the Humane Society and using the other half to fund some of their trips to help out on things like Hurricane Katrina efforts to rescue dogs and stuff.

Opie was really good and went to get his bath, but I started being scared and barking at the students... so dogmom came and put me in the tub and told me to be good or I'd have to go home. I was good after that... and, know what? They gave me TREATS!

Then, dogmom talked to Mr. Benda at Benda Photography... you remember him -- he took our portrait pictures with dogmom a couple of years ago... He didn't give us any treats on Sunday... but we like him anyways!

Oh... by the way... here's a picture of us with Dr. Kate (kneeling) and dogmom (red SW Metro Animal Rescue sweatshirt) and one of the vet techs/students (that Opie is kissing)! And, the dog in front belongs to Luanna, one of the volunteers at Southwest Metro Animal Rescue... we don't remember the girldog's name, but she's a patient of Dr. Kate's too... and, besides, she's cute, dontcha think?

UPDATE! Dogmom got an email from Luana (sorry we spelled it wrong before...). Luana is the girldog's mom... the cute girldog's name is SYDNEY! We wuf Sydney!

Wuf Ya!

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Peanut said...

That sounds like a fun weekend. I'm glad you guys had so much fun.