Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pet Wash! = Car Ride!

Dogmom says we're gonna go back to the pet wash today! You know what that means, dogs?

Car Ride! Car Ride! Car Ride!

See, if we just get a bath... it's different. That means going upstairs to the bathroom and getting wet and smelly shampoo that dogmom seems to like and toweled off and staying off the bed till we're dry and all that.

But... the pet wash means a CAR RIDE! And TREATS! And getting toweled off. And then getting back in the car and watching the machines clean the outside of the car... that was kind of scary the first time... but now it means TREATS! And then stopping at the coffee place, where they give us MORE TREATS! And a longer car ride. And then going back home and taking a NAP!

Here are some old pictures from the pet wash. (Some of you have seen these before on our blog. Dogmom promises to take some more.)

See? It's a room at the car wash place in Savage. That's the closest pet wash to where we live. It has a tub that's off the floor and has a ramp for us to walk up (but we don't use it... we just jump.)
And dogmom puts money in the box on the wall and the water and the shampoo and the creme rinse come out. Then dogmom uses our light blue towels to dry us off. And then (we don't like this part) she puts more money in and the loud-windy-blower-thing comes on.
Then we jump down and wait by the door for dogmom to put everything back in our bag so we can go for a CAR RIDE!
Oh... in case you're wondering why we are getting more than one bath in a week... it's because we decided to roll around in the rabbit poop on the grass this morning. Dogmom doesn't seem to like it much when we do that... She says we're too smelly to stay in the house. We usually only go to the pet wash or bath on Saturdays... to keep dogmom from sneezing at us.
Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

a car ride and treats just might be worth a bath.

Anonymous said...

We think so... but then, treats without the car ride might be worth a bath... or a car ride without treats might be worth a bath...

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Pet wash pet wash ?????

But CAR RIDE - Yum. And Double Yum.

Make sure to post some pix soon of you riding in your car and we can swap notes of me driving my Landy.

Ruffs from Pippa (who knows that three seats in the middle of a station wagon were clearly made with Pippa in mind).

Cubby said...

Mmmmm...rabbit poo!

Kerrio said...

A coin operating DOG-WASH??? Whatever will they think of next!


My dogs would never get in the car again.

Kerrio & co

Gomer & Opie said...

Hi Kerrio! The coin-operated dog wash sure beats the one at dogmom's house! At least she's not so anal retentive about us splashing and shaking and running around! You gotta try it sometime!
Wuf Ya!

TAPhillips said...

Cubby - you make us laugh out loud!!!

sean said...

The place is always dirty. The "Soothing Dryer (they claim)" pumps out cold and loud air. The machine often does not work. And you cannot contact the person who runs the place. I spent over $20 to dry my furry dog after the machine malfunctioned. I called and called the number (952- 895-8433 )for refund. Nobody calls back. Just a very bad business.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the petwash place did finally called me back and resolved the issue.