Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Look! We're Fish!

Dogmom is a little slow these days about keeping up with everybody's blogs. She says it's cuz she's spending more time taking us on walks in the morning and in the evening... ok, she is but that doesn't mean she can't let us keep up with our friends, right?

We got home from Dog Pad last night... well, dogmom came and picked us up, ya know. Anyways, Tory told dogmom that Opie was an angel and behaved and didn't get into any trouble and even got to run around outside and didn't have any time outs at all.

I... on the other hand... was a complete jerk. I spent most of the weekend in time out cuz I just wasn't in the mood for all those other dogs and I didn't want dogmom to go bye-bye without us. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Anyways... Look! Here are our koi fish in Butchy and Snickers pond. We're sorry that it took us almost a week to notice that we were even pictured up there. Aren't we cute?

Know what we noticed even more than how cute we are? Hmmm? Just look at how much food our koi fish get. Obviously, Butchy and Snickers' mom isn't concerned that the Gomer and Opie koi fish will get fat. Meanwhile, the Gomer and Opie dogs are on a diet with rationed food and treats and chew bones.

What's up with that, dawgs?!?

Anyway... we stole this description from Butchy and Snicker's blog (http://butchyandsnickers.blogspot.com/). "This is Opie & Gomer: Opie is the top fish, Gomer the bottom fish. Opie is Metallic Golden Silver with Black edges on the scales. Gomer is Metallic Copper with Black edges on the scales. Both Opie & Gomer's Mama fish is Silver. These colors of fish are gorgeous outside in the pond, especially when the sun is shining. A photo just doesn't show their beauty."

Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

Oh man you were bad. And the diet sucks. I know I've had to be on one. Glad you are back though

gomer & opie said...

How did you get off your diet, peanut, huh? We need to get more food or we're gonna STARVE over here!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Aren't you glad the koi aren't on a diet? Mama feeds them 2-3 times per day too. We only get fed twice, what's up with that?? hmmmmmph!
Hope you like your fishies. They are growing fast.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Gomer & Opie said...

Oh man, B&S... we never even considered that dogmom might decide not to feed us two times a day... now we're scared!

(We DO like our fishies! Dogmom said to tell ya she saw some koi at the landscape place in Ohio when she took her mom there yesterday... she laughed and laughed cuz she told her mom if she walked over to the pond and said, "Here fishies!" that they would come... and her mom was totally amazed that they did... our dogmom's mom is kinda silly about stuff like that!)
Wuf Ya!

Cubby said...

Cool fish!