Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Naked Belly Tag... But First...

Yo - it's the Opester posting today.

We got tagged last night by Tosca for the naked belly photo tag. (Should have known she would have figured out who we were ...) Dogmom said I could post the pictures today... but ...

Well, here's the deal. The reason I'm blogging today and Gomer isn't is cuz Gomer hurt himself playing this morning. Clutz. Goofball... huh? Ok, dogmom, I'll be good.

Anyways, we got up and we went outside to pee and we came back in to eat our breakfast (measly as it is these days...) and we went back outside to sniff the grass and look at the bunnies and the geese and the squirrels and the birds and the...

Huh? Oh, yeah... sorry. Got distracted there for a minute.

Dogmom said to tell you that's why Gomer is the main writer for this blog and I just fill in occasionally.

Um. Anyways... when we came back inside, we went and got our cammo-star toy and our purple tennis ball and dogmom was throwing them and we were taking turns running and getting them and bringing them back. You know. Playing.

But then, dogmom threw the cammo-star and it was my turn to run and get it but Gomer took off around the corner and he ran after it. I stopped, of course, to avoid a collision of dogs and toys. Gomer didn't stop and slid on the hardwood floor and made the throw rug in the hallway all bumpy and then slid into the wall and started crying really loud.

Which is really bad, cuz he usually doesn't tell us when something hurts.

Anyway, he let dogmom look at his leg and he let her move it and hold it and rub it and everything. I thought he just liked getting the attention, so I went up and dropped the purple ball on his face to get him to start playing again. Nope. He didn't stand up.

When he did, he wouldn't put any weight on his foot. Dogmom said she's sure it's just a sprain. He walked three-legged up the steps when she went to take a shower. But then, he wouldn't come downstairs again.

Until, of course, she got out the treat jar. See, we've been on a diet and haven't gotten a lot of treats, so that was a huge motivator... even for me, who can take them or leave them.

Anyways, dogmom said he'd be ok. He's milking it while she's home. I bet when she leaves for work he'll start playing with me again.

Wuf Ya - Opie!
Oops... forgot to tell ya. We'll post our naked belly photos tomorrow!


Peanut said...

Glad he isn't hurt to bad.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Opie,
We sure hope Gomer is going to be alright. Be sure to watch his hip on that leg too. His hip could have hit the wall also.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Katherine and Pippa, said...

poor gomer
he needs lots of love
ps did your mom have a good trip ? and ho went dog pad?

Hudson said...

Awww... Poor Gomer! Sniffs and licks to you guys!

Cubby said...

Poor Gomie! (Maybe you'll get another treat if you cry)