Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Who's Bed Is It, Anyways?

Ok. So dogmom is on this whole bed kick again. As in kicking us off the bed.

Can you believe it? She actually wants to kick Opie and me, the bestest dogs in the world, off the bed?

This picture shows where she says we're supposed to be on the bed. "Your spots" she calls them. It's a constant thing... all night long... "GO-mer, go get on Your spot." "Oh-peeee, move over to YOUR spot."

I mean, how's a dog supposed to get any sleep?

Do you dogs notice anything wrong with this picture?

Huh, do ya?

It's ok. We'll wait. I'm sure it will come to you...

Did you figure it out?

Here are some hints ...

Just look at all the room she seems to think she needs for herself. I mean, come on! Look how much better it is if I get to spread out more.

Geesh. We need help here, dogs. Big time!

Wuf Ya!


Wimsey said...

I know! What is it that human's think they need all that room? Maria curls up to sleep and yet always complains when she gets in bed that I'm taking up too much room! Harumph! Oh, and if your dogmom comes to NYC, don't worry, I'll drool on her so much she won't want to leave you ever!


Peanut said...

What kicked off the bed? That isn't right. Mom and Dad try that sometimes but I just crawl up there in the middle of the night and they don't bother me anymore. haha

Cubby said...

Moms can be selfish, but you can move once she goes to sleep!

gomer & Opie said...

We showed her dogs! We slept downstairs on our beds last night! Hmmmmmppphhh!

Wuf Ya!

Ike said...

Sounds like time for a California king!

Opie and Gomer said...

Awe, man, Ike! You mean we have to move again?

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I don't know how to get on the bed. Is it better than a sofa? Can you give me some tips please? It looks very nice. Pippa (lying on the sofa).

Radio said...

and radio's owners always complain when he takes the duvet cover...imagine, its chilly here in london and then radio needs to give up teh things that is not only soft but warm...humans, eh?

DogsAyeView dogs said...

Pippa -

It's easy to get on the bed if you already know how to get on the couch. It's a lot the same, really. The bed at our house is a little higher than the sofa is all.

The bed is much better than the sofa because there is so much more room and pillows and blankets and stuff. (Unless, of course, your dogmom decides she needs all that stuff and you do not!)

Keep us posted on your progress!
Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

Gomer & Opie said...

Radio - Our dogmom quit trying to cover up the blankets a long time ago!


PerfectTosca said...

I gave up on the bed a long time ago, guys. The three cats got the place sewed up. I mean I so much as HINT I'm hopping on and I see three sets of the Fiver Razors.

Gomey and Ohper said...

Wow Tos... we're glad we don't have any cats to take up room on the bed!