Thursday, April 05, 2007

Still Waiting For DNA Results...

If you've been reading our blog for a while, you already know that Opie and I aren't very good at waiting. Dogmom keeps trying to get us to "Wait" and sit still while she walks away or goes outside or opens the door or whatever else she thinks up to do to torment us.

But, we're not very good at it. Sometimes, I just lay down and look at her 'cuz I know she's gonna do one of her misguided "I'll pretend to do something else" things while we sit there and wonder if she realizes just how ridiculous she looks and sounds. With the "uhnt" and the "hmmm" and the "sssssss" and the "uh-uh" noises.

Anyways... we're still waiting to find out what breeds are in the Dopester. Geesh. Four weeks is like a lifetime in dog years, isn't it?

You can still vote for the contest. Click the button at the top left of our blog to see pictures and the other button to go to the survey .

Oh, yeah, forgot to tell ya... Dogmom has figured out the prize will be a gift basket of treats and toys (not ours, of course) and stuff. We'll try to sneak a picture of it this weekend... but she has it hiding in the closet so we don't dig in it.

Did I mention I hate waiting for stuff?
Wuf Ya!


PerfectTosca said...

Did you say treats? I'm gonna go vote about fifty zillion more times. I'm drooling here. I know how good your mom's treats are!

Wuf Ya! said...

We thought that might getcha! We snuck a peek in the closet, and there's one of our big liver-filled chew bones and some Haleigh treats in there already... we'll try to find out more... but the dogmom watches us like a hawk!

Peanut said...

I don't like waiting either. I want to know, I want to know.

Johann The Dog said...

Wow, what a coincidence that we both did this, well at least the survey! I can't wait to read about your results. Hope it comes quick, we hate waiting too!

Thanks for exchanging links - love your blog!