Friday, April 06, 2007

More Barkday Prezzants!

DogMom said she didn't forget our barkdays. She said she ordered us each a special prezzant. But, we were beginning to wonder, 'cuz we didn't see any packages arrive besides the one that Butchy and Snickers sent us. So, we thought she forgot and that now she owes us big time, ya know?

I mean, we should get more than one extra-big-liver-filled-retriever-roll and Haleigh treats and peanut butter and apples and carrots, too, doncha think? Huh, dogs?

Well, there was a package in the mail again yesterday. And, it smelled like Butchy and Snickers again. And, it looked like it had our name on it instead of dogmom's. So, we were really planning to milk this, ya know? Cuz Butchy and Snickers remembered our barkday TWO times and dogmom obviously forgot. I mean, come on.

Anyways, Dogmom said that her prezzant was here. Turns out, she ordered us each a shirt from Butchy and Snickers mom. Hmmmph. We're not sure we believe that story. But, anyways, we like our new shirts! Especially when we're sitting on the sofa and watching "Survivor."

See, they have really cool fabric! It says "Canine Survival" and has pictures of dogs goofing off in the woods... hanging off vines and wagging their tongues when they run and stuff. Dogmom thinks it looks like Opie and me on the fabric.

Anyways, we each got a new shirt that Butchy and Snickers mom made for us out of this cool fabric. Dogmom said that now we can be dressed up for Easter.

Opie likes to wear his, cuz it keeps him warmer (it's freezing outside still in MN). I like to wear mine because he's wearing his and he shouldn't get all the fun!

Wuf Ya! Happy Easter!


Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh wow, you guys look so kewl in your new shirts! You'll be the best dressed doggies on Easter. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Happy Easter!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Try not to steal the chocolate this time, hehehehehe!

Peanut said...

Man I need a shirt from Butchy and Snickers mom. I am going to have to beg mom for one. Mine would have to be a little bigger then your guys though.

Lillie Valentine said...

Wow those matching shirts are something else! YOu are so lucky that you got those prezzies. Happy Easter!