Monday, April 23, 2007

It's So Exhausting!

Dogmom says we're crazy dogs. She says that we have to relearn how to live with animals and people and green grass and trees and stuff. Cuz apparently we forgot over the winter.

There's just so much going on; it's so exhausting to keep up with it all, ya know?

I mean, all this new green grass is coming in outside our door. We just gotta try to eat it. Even with two of us, it's so hard to keep up!

And then, these birds keep tormenting us. First, it was the big fat robins. Now, the crows are here and they just keep sitting in our tree. I mean, geesh. We only have one... and now we're actually supposed to share it with the birds? What's up with that? We're really busy trying to eat all the grass; how are we supposed to keep track of the birds in the trees?

And, then, the geese decided to invade the wetlands behind the house. Dogmom was too slow with the camera, so she only got a picture of three of them. But, man, we have to keep the grass trimmed low, and keep the crows out of the tree, and now, we're supposed to put up with geese in the wetlands? Come on! And, don't even get me started on all the squirrels and the gophers and the mice out there!

Oh, and just to add one more thing to try to keep track of... LOOK! There's a new dog next door! Well, actually, there's another twinhome in between us, but look at this beautiful girl.

We haven't met her yet, but dogmom did and she thought she was really a sweet girl. We'll keep you posted.

But first, we have to go take a nap now. We're exhausted!
Wuf Ya!


Myself said...

Hi -- just stopping by to see how the furry kids and their mom are doing today. Love your site!


Cubby said...

She looks boxery!