Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Recycled Pet Food?

(We'll write today so the humans can understand, ok dogs? Short, concise sentences, just this once.)

Meet Pat.
(Did you know dogmom's name is a variant of Pat?)

Pat works with dogmom.
(If you can call enjoying what you do W-O-R-K!)

Pat edits the newspaper.
(Anybody heard of the Shakopee Valley News?)

And Pat writes, too.
(Dogmom tries to get him to write more about dogs.)

Pat has a dog, a Yorkie named "Angel."
(Dogmom says she's adorable, but we can't meet her cuz we'd probably mistake her for a small furry animal and try to eat her.)

This is Pat.

Pat is standing in dogmom's office.

Sometimes, Pat and dogmom talk about lunch. What to eat... where to go...
(Silly humans... why don't they just eat what's in their bowls?)

Dogmom likes to eat lunch at restaurants; Pat likes to eat lunch at his desk.

Till today...

Pat thinks he found out what they did with all that recalled pet food...

Maybe Pat will start to eat out more now.

Wuf Ya!


Peanut said...

That is totally yucky looking even for me and I will eat anything.

Ike said...

That looks like my cat's barf!

Cubby said...