Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hercules Went to the Rainbow Bridge

'Member Hercules? We didn't talk about him a lot, but we mentioned him on our blog a couple of times. He went to our doggie birthday party. See here. And here. He didn't particularly like us... cuz we're bigger than him and he had a big ego, being a Corgi and all...

Anypaws... dogmom used to work with Hercules' dad. And here's what Herc's dad had to say about him:


Pictured is Hercules, the Weber family’s pet of the past 11-plus years.

I wouldn’t normally talk about my home life in a blog that is mostly news and notes for Southwest editors and reporters. However, I’d like to share five things that Hercules has taught me about becoming a better person, colleague, boss and perhaps even journalist.

1) It’s not always about you. Raising children can wear you out, but having a dog is humbling work, too. You need to feed, walk, entertain, groom, train and, yes, especially love a dog if he or she is truly a part of your family. You might think you’re a big shot, but – seriously – who rules and who drools when it’s you that’s carrying the bag of dog droppings while walking down a busy street?

2) Praise matters. I believe we’re somehow hard-wired to enjoy hearing our name linked to a compliment – though it may not show as much in humans, since we don’t have a tail that wags. (Actually, Hercules is a Welsh corgi, a breed that has its tail docked while still young. But when praised, he can still get a pretty good shake going in the trunk vicinity.) Lay some praise on a co-worker or news source, and mean it.

3) Believe in people. My dog does, greeting me at the door after work every single evening with the unstoppable conviction that nap time is over and the fun will now begin. Even though I don’t always deliver. That’s true faith in another, which among humans – especially hardened, skeptical journalists – is often in short supply.

4) Get out there and play. Sometimes just getting outside and going for a walk is enough to forget about the heavy burdens we sometimes shoulder at work. Scientific studies back me up on this. And there’s nothing like dog ownership to provide the daily motivation to take that stroll.

5) Life’s too short. Enjoy your family, friends and colleagues … today, tomorrow and every single day. I’ve come to learn this lesson recently, and the hard way. Hercules died yesterday, after going through a quick but fatal slide caused by liver and kidney disease. He was an important part of our family, and the best friend I’ve ever had. May God bless his soul.

Until next time … thirty-dash.

Herc was a special little guy with lots of spirit. He's going to be missed. We hope he's playing in the rainbow bridge meadow with Floppy, Tosca's kitty, Tasha and all the other pets we've temporarily said goodbye to.

Wuf Ya!


Princess Eva and Brice said...

We're sorry to hear that Hercules went to the bridge. The rest is some very good lessons to learn. We can all hope that our humans try to be as good as us dogs.

Princess Eva


Dog Dad keeps saying that Will Rogers quote. "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

Thoughts said...

We are so sorry about your friend Hercules. What beautiful words, thoughts and concepts his owner was compelled to write though. True life lessons in there...

Peanut said...

We are sorry to hear about Hercules. He can teach us all some great lessons.

Tips dog said...

i love dog

Rose said...

That was a painful ending to your posting. I'm sure you knew way before Hercules's death of his importance. Dogs make us better people because they teach us about loyalty and love.

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Hercules seems to be a smart dog! The pic is really nice and post is worth reading. I have a dog trainer for 17 years now and have loved my journey with dogs. I liked your blog... Keep up your good job!