Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pet Fest, Ren Fest ...

So, dogmom is working this weekend. Or, so she says. She came home smelling like other dogs.

She said she's working at the Pet Crossing booth out at the PetFest at the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee. We think she's doing something else.

I mean, whenever else she works with the people at Pet Crossing, we get to go. I mean, well, we get to go sometimes. Other times, she makes us stay home.

We don't know what this Renaissance Festival is. I mean, we probably wouldn't want to go, since we don't know what it is and all. But when she said Pet Fest... I mean, then we were interested, ya know?

We heard her talking to Tory at Dog Pad when she got home, too. I mean, well, at least if she's going to go play with other dogs, well, she should let us go do the same, dontcha think?

Wuf Ya!


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Momma almost took us out to the Ren Fest today. I got to go last year with Tasha. If we'll go tomorrow, we'll look for Dogmom!

Princess Eva

Anonymous said...

Dogmom said that she'll be there from noon to six and she can't wait to see ya!
Wuf Ya!

Moco said...

Dogmom is probably up to some good deed and you need to cut her some slack.

Peanut said...

Oh you don't want to go to a Renfest. We know a poor male dog that had to dress up in a tutu and wings to go. Not cool at all.

Princess Eva and Brice said...

We're so sad that we never made it there today. Some silly excuse about a baseball game. Brice would have loved to meet the famous Dogmom.

Princess Eva

TAPhillips said...

Dogmom said she looked for you guys all day but didn't see ya. She's kinda glad, though... not because she didn't want to see ya... but because she said it was pawfully hot out. We'll have to met Brice another time.

Who won the baseball game?
Wuf Ya!
Gomer & Opie

River said...

My mom took Daisy to a Ren Fest in the spring. They wore matching tunics. I might get to go but mom says Daisy is a tiny beagle which is more like the pocket beagles of ancient times and since mom is part of a shire she has to be more authentic than a tourist. She never saw a pet fest as part of it though.

love & wags,

Thoughts said...

Our Mom volunteered for two shelters' adoption event this weekend and she cam,e home smelling like other dogs. We watned to know why we didnt get to go and she said becuase everyone would want to adopt US since we're so cute!

We know how you guys feel though, missing out on what seems like fun!

Benson and gibson

Tips Dog said...

thanks good work

Thoughts said...

Hey guys,

DogMom won a contest over on our blog and we need her full name and address to mail her her prize. Maybe you can remind her to check your email inbox so she can get that info over to us? We can't wait to mail her out her winnings!

Thanks guys,

Benson and Gibson

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

happy adoption day gomer - hope you have a totally pawsome day buddy :)




Opie & Gomer,

We received some awards and decided you were more than deserving.

Essex & Deacon

PS - How is Gemi doing?