Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Opie's Turn...

Yo dawgs! Opie here...

Gomer's on the mend, getting spoiled with softened food.

I hate it when the Gomer has tooth surgery. It means that the lid goes on the basket with the chew bones. It means the toy basket gets put inside the closet. It means we get yelled at when we try to play chasing games in the house. It means he gets extra treats with his softened food... even though dogmom calls the extra treats his "medicine."

We all know what that really means, right?

Well, I'm gonna get back at him and the dogmom this time.

See, I get to go in to see Dr. Kate at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic next week on Monday. Then it will be MY turn... for the special "medicine" treats... for the soft food... for the extra hugs and kisses from dogmom.

No, I didn't break any twoofers. Gomer has the market cornered on that routine.

I, instead, grew some extra gum tissue in my mouth. It is practically covering one of my twoofers. It doesn't really bother me... not that I would let on if it did.

But the dogmom and Dr. Kate think that it might be cancer. And, definitely an absess on that tooth. So, I'm gonna go in and get those fun drugs that make me sleepy and then when I wake up everybody hugs me and coddles me and pays attention to me.

Sounds like a great plan, dontcha think?

Wuf Ya - Opie


Peanut said...

Hmm Opie I don't know if that is quite worth it but hey buddy if it works for you then go for it. We hope the extra gum turns out to be nothing nothing nothing. Happy New Year to you guys and dogmom also

Katherine and Pippa, said...

We ie mistress have taken a bit of a break. And now we read what a bad time you have had. We think dogmom has been very positive about the nasty break-in experience. These things happen over christmas but it doesn't make it any better. One of our neighbours had her wallet stolen in the supermarket (with hundreds of pounds).

We are really sad to read about the toothy problems. We so hope they go away and are not bad news for anydog.

Happy new year Gomer and Opie, and your mom too.

Pippa and Kate