Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wow! Yard Sale Results!

Hi Dawgs!

So, DogMom sat outside in the rain all day on Saturday (after being sick for three days... stupid human) so that she could help with the yard sale for pets needing veterinary care... (see previous post).

I guess I can forgive her for not spending the day with me. I mean, well, it was raining anypaws... so I didn't really want to walk around the preserve and get all wet.

Anypaws, Pet Crossing raised more than $1200 !!! for the animals!

Chase ya later!

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Moco said...

What good news. Our local Humane Society had a bingo fund raiser this weekend and ended up with a $1000. Some great animals are going to get help from both places. No better way to spend some money.