Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hi Dawgs, It's Opie!

Yo dawgs! Dopey Opie here.

This will be a short post... mostly because the dogmom is taking the good-smelling clothes down the hallway to make them stink again. What is it about humans that makes them want their stuff to smell funny... like flowers and ocean breezes and stuff like that?

Tomorrow will be three weeks since Gomer crossed the rainbow bridge. Dogmom really misses him, I think. It's kind of a mixed blessing for me, though... cuz she wants more cuddle time and she seems to pay more attention to whether my teeth need brushing and my nails need trimming. She even threatened the dreaded water bath to make me smell like her clothes. Yuck.

I kinda miss him too... but I'm relieved that I don't have to be naughty to take the pressure off of him.

Anyways... dogmom's back now and she said something about walking to the preserve again.

Chase Ya Later...


Peanut said...

Hey Ops. glad to hear from you. Sounds like things are as good as they can be. That is good. Have a good walk.

Moco said...

Good to have you back. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Take care all of you.


Opie, glad to see a post from you. Life here in the Keys has been busy with all the house renovations. Still a ways to go, but it is going.

You will have to take a picture of the preserves. We would like to see what it looks like, you know inquiring collies want to know.

Essex & Deacon

Anonymous said...

Opie: Glad to hear from you! And I know just what you mean about ruining good-smelling clothes! Talk to you soon! Luv ya,

-- Angel

Bala said...

Hi Opie, We are very sorry to hear abut Gomer...we havent been blogging about the pets for a while and only today got to see the post about Gomer. Both you and dogmom stay strong! Take care!