Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Yo Dawgs! Dopey Opie here...

So, dogmom has been hogging the computer again. Something about more classes and some family stuff. I think she's just playing games online or something. She said that she's not and that one of her cousins in Michigan died so she's looking up information. I never heard about any cousins in Michigan before... and what is a Michigan, anyways?

Anypaws... she laughed when she saw my notes for this post because she says I've been trying to hump Floyd the cat ever since Gomer crossed the rainbow bridge. You'd think she'd be glad... at least I'm not trying to gum him to death and swallow him like Gomer always did when he saw Floyd the cat.

By the way, I took some pictures of the preserve (since inquiring collies Essex and Deacon wanted to know), but dogmom misplaced the wire that connects the camera to the computer so I can't show them to you yet. I'll get on her (a.k.a. threaten to hump her to death) to find it soon.

Gotta run. Chase ya later.


Moco said...

Good to hear from you. Keep up all the good work you are doing. Aren't these humans a sorry lot sometimes?


We think grape or strawberry perserves are pawsome. Tell your Mom to take care of herself, we know she is a very busy hooman.

Essex & Deacon

Life With Dogs said...

At least you have found a new romantic partner to keep you busy! :)